Are You Interested? Or Interesting?

This past Saturday, I attended TEDxRyersonU. It was amazing! I love when my way of thinking is challenged and I am forced to see things in a new light. It makes me so happy that every speaker that took the stage expanded my mind and made me look at things differently. I walked away feeling inspired, but overwhelmed about everything I wanted to do!

On one hand I was overcome with inspiration. The talks reminded me of all the things I want to do and all of the injustices in the world that I want to fight for. My mind was swimming with a million ideas of everything I could do make an impact on the world.

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Take Time, Enjoy Every Moment, And Be Grateful!

Okay, just to set the scene. I am starting to write this while grooving to Mika’s “Love Today”!

I am in such a good mood, and am having an amazing day. And the reason: because this morning I took time for myself! I know, groundbreaking! But seriously, for me it kind of is!

This morning I laid in bed until 8:30 (which is a sleep-in for me) and watched my favorite YouTubers. I loved the sun shining in my window, and the coziness of my bed, and the skyline of my favourite city outside my window, and most of all that I took time for myself. I practically happy danced to my 9:00am class!

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Honouring The Brave, Remembering The History

It is easy to take our freedom and safety for granted. It is easy to forget that in many parts of the world, millions are gripped by the harsh reality of war. It is easy to forget that there are soldiers across the world that are fighting for the freedom and safety of people they have never met. But today I want to put life on pause.

Today, I want to share my grandparents’ story and appreciate all of the men and women who fought in order to give their story a happy ending. I want to pause and remember our history and all the amazing people that have fought for our peace, and for the peace of others.

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Nothing Is Wasted Time

To be honest, I was not going to write a blog this week. Life just felt too real, too overwhelming. When life gets like that, I start thinking and questioning everything. I stop following my heart and start ramming through life headfirst.

I want to be a person that feels my way through life and allows my heart to guide me. I want to be able to let go of logic and perfectly calculated decisions, and let life play out as it may.

I envy the people that are being pulled forward by their hearts; the people that feel every experience and every decision without limits or fears, people that walk open heartedly into the future.

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