So. Done.

I am done. Sooooo done! I can’t handle it anymore. I am done with trying so hard to be ‘successful’!

See, from a very young age I bought into this one formula of ‘success’. The formula is centered on hard work… A LOT of hard work. We are told that in order to be ‘successful’ we have to do well in school, to work part-time jobs, to be involved in extra-curriculars, to network, to have a social life, and don’t forget to have balance. To me this seems that like the standard, the bare minimum for what it takes to be ‘successful’. The motto that has been drilled into my mind is: the more, the better! Continue reading


Dear Blank- An Honest Letter

I find that I sometimes hold back in my blogs, that I sometimes stop myself from sharing the full truth, so this blog is pushing me WAY outside of my comfort zone. This is THE most honest blog that I have ever posted.

I have improved the grammar and spelling, and took out a few sentences because they were a bit too much, but this is as honest as it gets. Below is raw, unfiltered Christa at 4:30 in the morning laying awake in bed. That night I felt really disrespected and belittled and was so filled with anger that I wasn’t able to fall asleep. I decided to write a fake letter to the person whom I had felt disrespected by.

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