The Courage To Take The Leap!

Courage; it is such weird thing. It is there one minute and gone the next. Within an instant you can go from feeling ready to conquer the world to feeling unsure about conquering even the smallest of tasks.

Whenever I think about taking a leap of fate, I picture myself standing on the edge of a pool at 5:30 in the morning in the middle of winter (a situation I know all too well!).

Jumping into a freezing cold pool in the middle of winter seems like the last thing that you want to do, but you know that if you want to grow as a swimmer, and as a person, you need to find the courage within yourself to take the leap, to jump in! You don’t need a lot of courage or a steady stream of courage, you just needed to have enough courage for a single moment, a moment long enough to bend your knees and jump, to take the first step.

The first step is always the hardest. It is much easier to stay where you are, never pushing yourself and never jumping in, but staying still and being comfortable doesn’t make us happy. What makes us happy is taking the leap, jumping in head first and figuring out what to do once we are in there. We thrive when we are pushed; we thrive when we go outside our comfort zone!

Back to the pool. You get a surge of courage for a brief moment… and you jump. You take the first step.

You are in the air. It is too late to back out now; you are committed. You are not fully immersed in the water, but there is no way to stop it… whether you like it or not, you are going to be soaking wet and freezing cold.

For some reason, in this moment all of your courage disappears. You’re in the air and questioning everything. You second-guess not only your decision to jump, but every decision you’ve made in your life. For the brief moment that you are in the air, you are in limbo. You no longer have the comfort of the nice dry pool deck, but you are not quite ready to figure out how to swim.

You hit the water and sink to the bottom. The shock of the cold and different environment seems overwhelming. You think to yourself, ‘what was I thinking? I should’ve never jumped!

And then something happens. Your need for courage and stability goes away and your determination kicks in. Your determination pushes you harder and than you thought possible; it pushes you to figure it out and thrive!

Once determination kicks in, you realize that no matter what the outcome, you are going to grow, and learn, and have a lot of fun! You decide that it doesn’t matter what other people think about your ‘success’ or your ‘failure’; you decide that jumping in is a win in your books! You decided that jumping in and giving it your all is always a success! You could have given up; you could have walked away at the sight of the freezing cold pool; you could’ve given up as soon as you jumped in… BUT YOU DIDN’T! You fought, you pushed, you grew, and that is success; that is a win!

I am currently standing on a metaphorical pool deck. Waiting for the courage to jump in, to figure it out, and to thrive! By writing this blog I realize that no matter what other people think or say, as long as I jump in and give it my all, I will declare it a success.

So here is the big and exciting (and super-nerve-racking-scary) news: I am starting a YouTube Channel: The life of a Dinosaur! I am excited and nervous and I have no idea what is to come of this, but I am excited that just by committing to it I am succeeding. Just by giving it my all I am accomplishing a goal and growing as a person!

So bring it on, haters! Bring it on, skeptics! Bring it on, anyone who dares to doubt me! Because I know, that my determination and my will to win is stronger than your hate!!

(I literally have butterflies writing this…. OMG!!! I AM FREAKING OUT!) Please check out my first ever YouTube video. Please like, subscribe, and share!

Go and chase your goals! Do what you have always wanted to do! Peace and Blessings and have a good week!



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