Recovering Perfectionist

“You can apologize for what you have done, but don’t ever apologize for who you are!” – The wisest man I know


Growing up, I was always the ‘perfect one’.

I was the youngest and only daughter in my family. I grew up with two older brothers and they didn’t make it difficult for to claim the title.

I always knew I was a perfectionist. I loved being at the top of my class, placing top 10 at synchro competitions, doing everything, and excelling at all of it. Even when I got to University I did everything I could to satisfy my need to be perfect. I worked so hard towards the life that I was ‘supposed to’ be living

Little did I know how much of an impact that was having on my life, my self-esteem, my ability to live in the moment, and my ability to chase my dreams.  Continue reading


Blank Slate

Picture life as a canvas.

The moment you are born, the first stroke on that canvas is made. Everything you do, say, or think is translated into a brush stroke on that canvas. There are an infinite number of strokes and colours. Some of them are a lot more prominent, and some seem to fade into the background. Some of the colours are bold and beautiful hues that scream ‘happiness, love, and joy’. Others are thick lines of black, which mark the times of turmoil and pain. Every line on that canvas- no matter how insignificant- has shaped us into who we are today. Continue reading